STRESEMANN  co 25 visitor chair | i-tech chair

STRESEMANN co 25 visitor chair | i-tech chair

finalist “idea- international design excellence award 2009”
nominated for “designpreis deutschland 2009” for i-tech, by atelier schneeweiss

“if”-design award 2007 for i-tech by atelier schneeweiss

Client: hiller gruppe atelier schneeweiss

Practices: Engineering | furniture

The Stresemann auditorium chair is distinguished by its tremendous functionality, as a stackable ganging chair with pullout ganging connector and optional electronic "i-tech" seat numbering system. Filigree in appearance and offering exceptional sitting comfort, this innovation with seat and back in moulded wood or with plastic seat pan, is recommended as an unrivaled product for the provision of seating in event halls and convention centers.

The “i-tech” chair is the first freestanding auditorium chair with integrated electronic seat numbering system, providing unprecedented versatility in visual communication. This patented technology developed by Atelier Schneeweiss, significantly reduces the time consumed with coding and numbering chairs for large events, meetings and conventions. In fact, the task of numbering, which usually takes hours with manual systems, now takes virtually seconds with the “i-tech” chair. The built-in LCD screen not only displays seat and row numbers, it also can be personalized with visitor name, display emergency exit directions, company or sponsor logos. The “i-tech” system also features interactive visitor recognition via electronic name tags, surveying visitor attendance and personalized information via info-points, which individually recognizes visitors and provides detailed information about events and registration. It is and interactive system, which enables visitors to access their specific event schedules and even modify and reschedule them trough interactive info-point screens. The “i-tech” chair has been rightfully touted as a logistical revolution for the convention and hospitality management industry.

Selected for the Rosengarten Mannheim “m:con conference center” in 2007, the i-tech chair not only won Europe’s biggest contract, but with an order of 7750 chairs also the biggest contract in the history of Hiller Gruppe.

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