STRESEMANN  co 11 conference chair

STRESEMANN co 11 conference chair

Client: atelier schneeweiss

Practices: furniture

Known as a style icon to car enthusiasts, the 1973 Maserati Citroën SM was the source of inspiration for this comfortable, and technically avant-garde conference chair. The centrally mounted seat shell appears to float above the central foot. A retracting mechanism like in the classic Citroëns makes sure the all chairs are perfectly lined up once a user gets up.

The diagonally eccentric connection to the rear of the tubular steel frame enables a pleasant and dynamic rocking motion – a unique, practical and aesthetic solution that picks up on the self-centering steering and legendary comfort of the classic Citroëns. Opulent leather upholstery, polished aluminum and precious wood veneer give the Stresemann conference chair a look of exquisite quality.

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