Dornbracht's “Aquamoon,” by designer Michael Neumayr, recently voted one of the most extraordinary new products of the Salone del Mobile 2018 in the context of Stylepark Selected.

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A shower experience for all the senses Dornbracht introduced its product innovation "Aquamoon" at the Salone del Mobile 2018.

by Anna Moldenhauer | 4/18/2018

Distinguished in design and function: Dornbracht’s “Aquamoon,” created in collaboration with designer Michael Neumayr, was recently voted one of the most extraordinary new products of the Salone del Mobile 2018 in the context of Stylepark Selected. Trade visitors were already able to cast a first glance at the multisensorial water experience at the ISH 2017. At the Salone, Dornbracht now for the first time showcased the “Aquamoon” in the form in which it will go into mass-production.

The central element of the new design in the context of the Dornbracht LifeSpa consists of the four different shower rays, which in combination with the different light scenarios make showering an experience for all the senses. A dome combines the light strip and water outlets necessary to achieve this effect. As this module is designed to be integrated into the ceiling, only a single light source remains visible from the outside, allowing the Aquamoon to be harmoniously incorporated into all bathroom and spa configurations.

The design’s elegant understatement provides an optimal stage for relaxation: The setting producing a semi-circular shower of water designed to massage the head, shoulder and spine is called “Queen’s Collar”. The intensity of the water pressure varies depending on the area of the body: While the stream is rather gentler on the forehead, the effect felt on the shoulder section is vitalizing.

The impact of the shower setting “Aqua Circle” changes depending on hydraulic pressure: the more water there is, the smaller the outlet becomes. This allows the “Aqua Circle” to be modulated as required, from a powerful jet to a soft curtain of rain.

“Tempest” produces an effect very similar to a natural shower of rain – the large, soft drops of water provide refreshment, clarity and relaxation, just like a thunderstorm in the summer.

The “Embrace” setting gently envelops the body while leaving out the head area – allowing for a state of deep relaxation to be reached. An upward glance will further heighten this relaxing experience, as the illuminated dome of the exclusive “AquamoonATT” version provides a real sense of depth thanks to the Smart Tools. The three shower settings – “Aqua Circle,” “Tempest” and “Queen’s Collar” – can even be combined, and are controlled using the xTool thermostat and volume control.

From 2019 onwards you’ll be able to regulate the fourth shower setting “Embrace,” as well as lighting scenarios and scents using the new Smart Tools. As a version of “Aquamoon” the “Rainmoon” offers a combination of the shower settings “Aqua Circle” and “Tempest,” as well as the integrated light function inspired by the radiance of the moon.

The commercial launch of the “Aquamoon” is scheduled to be a two-stage affair, with the mechanical “Aquamoon” and “Rainmoon” versions launched at the Salone. These offer three, or, in the case of the “Rainmoon,” two shower settings alongside the integrated light function. The luxurious “AquamoonATT” will be available from 2019 onwards, offering all four shower settings, light scenarios, and the possibility of rounding off the shower experience with scent. In the United States, only the version “Rainmoon” will be on sale.