How We Work



Engaging meetings with the client give us an in depth understanding of their brand, products, markets, target audience, corporate culture, marketing strategies and visions of the company. Our approach includes research analysis, ideation, design development, prototyping, and the development of an overall marketing strategy.



Briefed on the needs of our client, we engage in intense research to learn about the market, consumer needs, social-economics, ergonomics, new technologies, materials and methods. The research approach varies for each client and ranges from qualitative to quantitative methods.



Based on the information gathered, we develop a project a brief which lays out all aspects to be considered, like: function, usability, production capabilities, price point, environmental issues and target market wants and needs.


Inspiration | Ideation

We gather inspirations from nature, architecture, art, automotive, product and fashion design. We fuse them with results from our research and analysis. This allows us to create innovative ideas and design concept sketches which help lead us to the right solution for the task at hand.


Design Development

As a result of the first three phases, we identify the chosen design concept. We look for a “cradle to cradle” approach, by trying to develop a product which can be fully recycled. We develop ideas to reduce energy consumption during development and production and use, reduce tooling, waste, save resources and over all cost, for higher profitability and less impact on theenvironment. We then begin the process of concept finalization through design control drawings, scale models, or 3D CAD models. These results form the base for engineering and prototyping



Based on the preliminary prototypes we conduct ergonomic studies and finalize design and 3D-engineering to prepare fort he development of working prototypes. Final changes in design and engineering are made and the product is prepared for tooling.


Marketing Strategy & Collateral Development

While product and environmental design solutions are core to Michael Neumayr Design’s service offering, we also believe it is essential to think about the marketing strategy that will support the successful launch of the product or environment we create.  That’s why we make available to our clients an additional level of marketing strategy services to maximize the effectiveness and impact of their new product launch. A 15 veteran of Omnicom and Interpublic agencies leads our practice in this area

Interested clients can take advantage of our capacity to develop comprehensive marketing and communications strategies to support the launch of their new product. These services include brand strategy, communications planning, market opportunity analysis, and media and public relations strategies.

Additionally, MND can art direct, design and manage production of all relevant marketing collateral to ensure consistent brand tone across all communication channels.